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Instax Mini Link Gift Pack

Was: $249.99
Now: $199.99
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Includes mini Link smart phone printer, matching album, case, and 10 pack of mini film

Dusty Pink Pack includes: Instax Link Printer, case and album in Dusty Pink and a 10 pack of film

Ash White Pack includes: Instax Link Printer, case and album in Ash White and a 10 pack of film

Hook up with the instax mini Link

The mini Link is anything but shy. In fact, this little beaut loves to show off some impressive printing talents, all on credit card-sized instax mini film, thanks to its very own super social mini Link app.

By connecting wirelessly to your smartphone, the mini Link closes the gap between memories and physical prints AND fun and functionality. It’ll even bring friends and family together for fast paced fun, thanks to the Match Test and Party Mode.

With pioneering motion control, LED lights, print from video feature, plus numerous other creative modes, this little printer is something you’ll treasure forever and ever and ever…

Genius alert! Get ready to turn your mini Link upside down, lay it flat, stand it up and generally bust some moves. Why? To control your smartphone camera and tell the mini Link what to do, of course.

Choose the instax Camera mode in the app to control your smartphone with the printer. Simply tilt the printer forwards and backwards to control the zoom on your smartphone and take photos by pressing the instax button! And switch between Fun and Print Modes by either laying or standing your printer up. These fun yet beautifully functional motion controls are pretty cool, right?