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Photo Restoration & Manipulation

Photos can become damaged or faded after years of sitting there, reminding us of the past. We can digitize and restore a copy of your original image. 

- Ripped/Torn
- Faded
- Creased 
- Water Damage/glass damage
- Removing/Adding people or objects

We scan the photo, so we don't alter the original. Price for Restoration and Manipulation start at $20, plus the print or digital.

Bring your photo in today for a FREE quote

All photo work is done on site, so your photos will never leave our store without your permission. 

Copy prints:

We can copy and reproduce photographs as long as they do not have a current copyright (Eg. Professional photographer photos).

Scan Photos/Film/Slides

We can also scan photos, films and slides to CD, DVD USB or dropbox. The price varies on the media you are presenting but a quantity discount will apply. Contact us today for a free quote.